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The youth program consists of a monthly Youth-led service of worship and a monthly family hike, led by Pastor Amy, starting at about noon following worship. 

  • The youth-led service will follow a simplified format, with our youth leading the worship music, and reading Scripture and other inspirational texts.

  • The meeting place for family hikes will be announced in advance by email.  Please contact us to get on the email list for the program.

  • Please bring water, a bagged lunch,  and hiking boots, as well as anything else needed for the day's conditions.

  • You do not have to attend worship to participate.


We look forward to this outdoor event as a way to connect with our youth and with God's creation.





There is a weekly Bible study class led by the Rev. Lee Oliver, a retired UMC pastor and a member of our congregation.  It meets at 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon.  Participants can join in person at the church or remotely using Zoom.


Our goal is to have an open and often wide-ranging conversation in our classes.  Over the years we have studied several modern authors on subjects of Christian life and ethics, theology, and Biblical interpretation. 


In 2020, we completed our discussions of “The Sermon on the Mount” from Matthew, chapters 5 – 7, discussed the first few chapters of “I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church” by Paul Nixon, and spent the bulk of the year studying and discussing the Book of Acts.

The class has recently completed its study of the Gospel of Luke more recently its study of "What's So Amazing about Grace" by Philip Yancey.

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