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Parish Nurses

Lyme Congregational Church's Parish Nurse team provides non-clinical health care support to the Lyme Community. The Parish Nurses are called to be consultants to individuals who need various levels of wellness support and equipment.  The Parish Nurses also have mobile medical equipment available to lend.


To reach the Parish Nurses, call 603-795-2850 ext 1003


You can provide financial support for this program on this website; Please select Lyme Parish Nurse Program from the "To:" dropdown menu on the donation form to direct your donation to the Parish Nurses.

Blood Drives

We are called to host the American Red Cross Blood drives on a regular basis in the Phillips Fellowship Hall at Lyme Congregational Church.

Senior Lunches

Our Senior Lunch program provides meals for older adult community members. This program is run by volunteers in collaboration with the Grafton Senior Center.

Lyme Food Pantry

We are honored to house the Lyme Food Pantry, funded and operated by Community Care of Lyme. We are grateful that we can provide a convenient location for this vital program that feeds those in need.

Community Baptist Church (NJ)

We are blessed by the opportunity to promote racial justice and experience the diversity in the church through our partnership with a primarily African-American church.   Our churches have spent weekends visiting one another and our members have made lasting personal connections.  For more details, see the racial justice page and the CBC website.

Bargain Barn

We are blessed to have an amazing group of volunteers who coordinate a resale shop in a small building owned by and adjacent to the church called Lyme House. Proceeds from the Bargain Barn go to support our Parish Nurse Program, scholarships, and other community programs.


Vegicare is a seasonal summer program where local gardeners donate veggies to a central location at the church horse sheds. Volunteers then distribute the veggies to older adults who otherwise might not have access to fresh foods.


This is a grassroots effort that started years ago to provide soup for neighbors who need a meal. For example, recipients are sometimes people who are sick, recovering from surgery, or who have experienced the death of a loved one. Every week community members make and deliver soup to those who need a meal for a boost to their spirits!

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