Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q: How is COVID impacting your activities?

A: We are once again worshiping in our sanctuary with all participants masked and socially distanced.  Our music program is limited to instrumental music plus individual or small groups of well-spaced-out masked singers.  We are not holding indoor social events.  Other activities using our meetinghouse are limited to one group per space per day.  We are monitoring the pandemic situation here in Lyme on a weekly basis and will make changes as appropriate.

Q: What should I wear to church? 
A: We want you to be comfortable. At LCC, most people are dressed in casual attire. 

Q: Are children welcome at Sunday worship? 
A: Of course!  Please do not be concerned 
about your children's behavior during worship. If you need to bring toys to keep your children occupied or walk around to comfort a baby, we will understand and support you. We enjoy having families join us. 

Q: Do you have special activities for children?

A: We have started a series of family hikes following Sunday worship to connect our local families with God's creation in a less structured setting.  You do not have to attend Sunday worship to participate in the family hikes. 

Q: Will I be asked to make an offering? 
A: If you are a guest or visitor, there is no expectation for you to make a donation.  In addition, we do not pass an offering plate during worship.  We are happy to have you join us!

Q: What kind of music will there be during worship? 
A: Music is an important part of our worship. Our Music Director, Alison Cheroff, plays both the piano and the organ. Sometimes she is joined by other instrumentalists on instruments such as guitar, bass, or drums.  Our choir and congregation sing a variety of traditional and contemporary music, as well as both classical and contemporary anthems. 

Q: Who can take Communion? 
A: We offer Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  Our table is open to all. You do not have to be baptized or profess any specific set of beliefs to participate.  

Q: Are interfaith families welcome?
A: Yes, we embrace interfaith families. Our denomination, the United Church of Christ, is committed to religious freedom. There are interfaith families in our congregation.

Q: What if I’m not sure what I believe?
A: Everyone’s faith journey is different and all are welcome. Many of us grew up in other denominations,  Some grew up in other faiths. Others are coming from a secular background and are exploring their spiritual feelings.  We welcome, accept, and embrace all people in all places on their faith journies.

Q: Will I be asked to introduce myself?
A: No one will ask you to stand up and introduce yourself during worship. But we encourage you to join us during coffee hour after the service when some of our members will surely introduce themselves to you.